RYC History

RYC History

In the spring of 1877, an active group of local boaters formed the Rochester Yacht Club – one of the oldest yacht clubs in the United States – with the purpose of promoting, educating and celebrating life on the water. Along the way, our members have charted a course enabling us to prevail the uncharted rough waters of wars, pandemics, and economic storms.

Over 140 plus years later, the RYC has grown into a highly distinguished and respected club. Our burgee is recognized around the world for our continuing contributions to the maritime community, our world-class regattas and dedication to the sport of sailing.

Club History Accordion

Canada's Cup

The original conception of the Canada's Cup Race came from the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in an effort to encourage yachting on the Great Lakes. It all began in 1896 with a challenge by the RCYC to race its finest yacht and crew against a representative yacht from the USA for Great Lakes supremacy.

1896 Canada's Cup
Crew of Yacht Canada

1899 Canada's Cup
RYC's Winner Genesee
RCYC Crew of Beaver

1903 Canada's Cup
RYC's Winner Irondequoit

1905 Canada's Cup
RCYC Challenge
RCYC Ultimatum
Crew of Iroquois
RYC's Winner Iroquois
End of the Iroquois

1907 Canada's Cup
1904 Patch Worn By Seneca's Crew
Picture of Seneca
Rudder Article
Picture of Seneca at Anchor
Seneca Crew Picture
Seneca Pictured With Charlotte Roller Coaster Behind
Seneca's Size Controversy
RYC's Winner Seneca
1923 Defender Hanan Dies
Another Seneca Picture
Seneca Under Sail
History of the Yacht Seneca

1925 Discussions for Next Canada's Cup
1925 Discussions
RYC Accepts Belleville's Challenge

1930 Canada's Cup
30 Years of Cup Challenges
March 1930 Canada's Cup Bulletin
May 1930 Canada's Cup Bulletin
July 1930 Canada's Cup Bulletin
September 1930 Canada's Cup Bulletin
Race Book
Official Race Instructions
1935 Photo of Thisbe
Tom Sharp's Thisbe
RCYC Challenger Quest
WHAM Radio Broadcasts Race from Phyllis II
Observation Boat Ontario
Coast Guard 141 Acting As Committee Boat
Quest Before the Wind
Thisbe Before the Wind
1930 Thisbe Crew; Skipper Barrows Tallest in Middle
Thisbe's Spreader Breaks
Disabled Thisbe's Tow Line Parts
Thisbe's Crew Works to Step Spare Mast
RYC's Winner Thisbe Photo
Winner Thisbe Photo
Captains Gooderham and Barrows Aboard Quest
Circa 1930 Bill Barrows (Middle) by RYC Lockers
Mrs. William P. Barrows (Left)
Thisbe Wins; Finish of Race Photo
Thisbe's Victory Finish
Taylor Howard, Wife, and Daughter Photo
1935 Photo of Victor Thisbe
Yachting Results Article

1932 / 1934 Canada's Cup
1932 Canada's Cup Democrat and Chronicle Article
Conewago Defends Cup Photo
Photo of Race
RYC's Defender Conewago Launches
Conewago Design Specs
Photo Conewago and Another 8-Meter
Conewago Photo
Photo Conewago Racing Another 8-Meter
Conewago Sail 20 in Photo
Crew of the Conewago
1932 Democrat and Chronicle Article

1954 Canada's Cup
Wahl Buys 8-Meter From Scotland
Iskareen and Thisbe at RYC
1953 Revival of the 8-Meters
1954 Canada's Cup History Lesson Article
1954 Canada's Cup History Article
Lack of Spectator Boats
Regatta Tea Planned
July Article; Race Approaches
Race Judges
July Article; Canada Cup Race Returns
1954 Canada Cup History

Summary of Past Canada's Cup Races
1922 Canada's Cup Plans
Contenders Summary
1923 No Canada's Cup Challenge Seen
1924 Canada's Cup Race Considered
1924 Chicago Meeting
History of Canada's Cup to 1934
Handwritten Notes
1896 and 1907 Challengers
1953 Recap
Photo 8-Meters Racing
Competitors Through 2016

Club Yearbooks

1989 Yearbook

1984 Yearbook

1982 Yearbook

1981 Yearbook
Compass: Officers
Compass: Racing

1980 Yearbook

1979 Yearbook

1953 Yearbook
Running Lights

1952 Yearbook
75 Year Anniversary Based on 1877 Organization
Running Lights

1942 Yearbook

1937 Yearbook
50 Year Anniversary Based on 1887 Incorporation

1924 Directory
Membership List

1923 Yearbook
Introduction and Index
Membership List

1910 Yearbook

1909 Yearbook

1908 Yearbook
Book Cover
Basin Drawing
Basin Proposal
Sailing Schedule
Racing Rules
Pictures: Basin and Seneca
Yacht List
Resident Members
Out of Town Members

1907 Yearbook
Book Cover
Season Recap
Racing Rules
Yacht List
Membership List

1904 Yearbook
Book Cover
Season Recap
Racing and Trophies
Racing Rules
Yacht List
Membership List

1903 Yearbook

1901 Yearbook
Season Recap
Sail Yachts
Power Yachts
Membership List

1892 Yearbook

Four Clubhouses

Summary of Clubhouses
From 1952 Yearbook
From Rounding the Century Mark Commemorative Book

First Clubhouse
Excerpts from rounding the Century Mark Commemorative Book
Genesee Dingy Club

Second Clubhouse
1889 Bond
Excerpts from rounding the Century Mark Commemorative Book
View of Genesee River Near Clubhouse

City Club
Excerpts from 1912 Compass

Third Clubhouse
Irondequoit Town Historian
1999 Town Historian
Life Saving Station
1922 Dinner
Dinner to View Fourth Clubhouse Plans

Fourth Clubhouse
1922 Events
1922 Food Service
1922 Fundraising and Architects
1922 New Member Invitational
1922 November Opening Dance
1923 History of the Fourth Clubhouse
1923 Basin Accommodates 100 Boats
1923 Clubhouse and Basin Pictures
1923 Dredging Contributions
1925 Distribution of Keys to Clubhouse
1950s Club Remodel Article
1952 Clubhouse Raised Three Feet
1952 Clubhouse Remodel
1956 Clubhouse Painting Party
Creation of Samuel Steele Library
Aerial Basin Photo
Clubhouse Picture
1973 RYC Aerial Shot

Fourth Clubhouse Assets
1953 Club Restaurant Contract
1952 Capital Improvements 10-Year Bond - Jenning
1952 Capital Improvements 10-Year Bond - Phelps
1956 Basin Pier Construction Contract
1959 Storage Building Request
1973 Underground Utilities Map
Spar Crane Design
1977 Purchase of 34' Boat
1994 Clubhouse Remodel Plans

Fourth Clubhouse Property Acquisitions
1979 Acquisition of 239 Parkview Terrace
1989 Receipt of Deed for Yacht Center
1994 Parkview Residents Land Use Agreements
1994 Summary of Property Acquisitions
Summerville Terraces Builders' Residential Plots Map

Rochester Boat Works Acquisition
1948 Boat Works Acquisition
October 1948 Boat Works Transaction Proposal
October 1948 Special Meeting Called
Rochester Boat Works Property Dispute
November 1960 RYC Company vs Club CPA Report

Rochester Yacht Club Company
1899 Rochester Yacht Club Company Stock
Rochester Yacht Club Company Bonds
RYC Stock Certificate
1981 History of RYC Company 

Past Commodores

Racing History

Rounding the Millenium

Rounding the Century Mark